APEC Video Contest Rules
1. The competition is open to amateurs and professionals;
2. Participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the APEC Member Economies (Australia; Brunei Darussalam; Canada; Chile; People’s Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Peru; the Philippines; Russia; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; United States; Viet Nam);
3. The decisions of APEC’s Judging Panel are final;
4. All deadline submissions and timelines are based in Singapore time GMT +08:00;
5. APEC Secretariat staff members and immediate family members are not allowed to enter the contest;
6. The Secretariat reserves the right to disqualify any submission that does not conform with the rules and guidelines.
7. The video should comply with APEC nomenclature guidelines. Members of APEC should be referred to as ‘member economies’ or ‘members’ or ‘economies’. The terms ‘nation’, ‘national’ or ‘country’ must not be used as a synonym for an APEC member economy. The term ‘member economy government’ may be used as appropriate. Please avoid the use of flags or any symbol of sovereignty.

Terms and Conditions
I. Copyright
1. The participant must be the author and sole owner of the copyright of each video submitted.
2. All images, moving visuals and voice overs if any, submitted must be the work of the participant.
3. The participant shall retain the copyright of the videos submitted in the competition. There should not be any copyright infringement with regard to the music used in the videos.
4. The participant shall also grant the right to the APEC Secretariat to publish and show the video on its website, and other communication platforms and efforts. The videos will be used for non-commercial purposes without payment or fee to the participant. The APEC Secretariat will credit the participant in every instance that the video is shown.  The APEC Secretariat will make every effort to credit the participant in every instance that the video is shown but we cannot guarantee that every use of the video will contain the participants’ name. 
II. Lost entries
1. The Secretariat will not be held responsible for any videos lost or not received. 
III. Privacy
1. By submitting video entries, participants agree that no claim relating to any damage, loss, injury or inconvenience shall be asserted against the APEC Secretariat, and the directors, officers, employees and assignees from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind resulting from the project.
2. By submitting video entries, participants agree that if they win, the APEC Secretariat may use the personal information on their entry forms for publicity purposes, with the exception of street address, email address and telephone number. The winners consent to the use of their personal information by the APEC Secretariat in publicity in all media, such as online, television, and radio. 
3. The participants hereby indemnify and hold the APEC Secretariat harmless from any claims, actions, proceedings costs and expenses arising as a result of any allegation that the relevant participants did not own or are not wholly entitled and authorized to allow publication and reproduction of the work by the APEC Secretariat.
4. The APEC Secretariat reserves the right to disqualify any entries, if the contents are deemed inappropriate or against public interest.
IV. Liabilities
1. The Terms and Conditions above are subject to change and/or supplement by the APEC Secretariat at any time during the submission period as and when it deems fit. The APEC Secretariat assumes no liability whatsoever for any outcome as a result of such action.
V. Prizes
1. We will choose two winners: a host economy and a regional winner. Winners will go on sponsored trip to the APEC CEO Summit on 17-19 November 2016 in Lima, Peru. This means that APEC will pay for the airfare (from origin of the winner as identified in the "economy" field of the submission form, to Lima, Peru.), accommodation, and per diem..